Manufacturing Processes

Process & Production for an Unparalleled Product

UBM is a large-scale industrial bakery manufacturing company headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada, with 3 facilities at over 60,000 sq. ft capability. With top-of-the-line equipment and automation, we bring the most modern, safe and scalable processes to the production of all our quality UBM bakery products.
We are proud of our best-in-class processes and procedures, and the confidence and assurance they give our customers. We’d like to take you inside our HACCP and GFTC Gold Standard certified facilities, and highlight some of the key processes that allow us to bring you scalable, consistent, high quality products, made to your exact specifications.

Dough Making

High quality and high volume fully automated dough production lines.

Danish, Croissant & Turnover Production Lines

State of the art fully automated production lines for Danish, Croissant, Puff Pastry and other high quality baked and frozen products.

Ovens & Products Showcase

Automated, fully programmable MIWE ovens used for production of a large variety of baked products.

How It Works

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    Dough Production

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    Product Manufacturing

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